FlashGet Kids: Parental Control App

An All-around Caring Parental Control App

It’s an online assistant for parents to protect their children.

It’s a digital bodyguard for children’s healthy life.

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Available on iPhone, iPad, Android

flashget parental control app

FlashGet Kids Safeguard Your Kids in Every Possible Way

monitor all activities in all aspects

Monitor all activities in all aspects

Monitor phone use on your kids’ device

View the child’s operating behavior on the phone, including browsing pages, downloading apps, and watching videos. Parents can stop dangerous operations when they occur without delay.

Manage children’s screen time

See how much time your kid spends on screen, such as how much time they spend watching videos and how much time they spend chatting with friends. Parents can limit the time their kid spends on the phone with screen time management.

Manage special apps

Set special app management according to your children’s preferences. For example, set the time to play for children who like to play games, and set content restrictions for children who like to watch videos.

Monitor customized contents

Customize content according to the kid’s age, gender, hobbies, and parents’ management preferences, to more effectively manage the kid’s usage behavior and build healthy digital habits.

Smart content monitoring

Inappropriate pictures and videos

Detect kids’ browsing content. When kids are viewing inappropriate pictures and videos, parents are alerted. Then parents can choose to block or delete this content.

Manage social media message

Filter harmful messages in social media APPs, such as Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

App whitelist and blacklist

Customize the usage rules of whitelisted and blacklisted apps, such as banning the use of blacklisted apps completely or allowing them to be used for a limited period.

Content customization

Parents can customize the content that needs to be blocked, including keywords, pictures, videos, etc.

smart content monitoring
location tracking

Location tracking

Real-time location

View your kid’s real-time location with accuracy and updating speed to avoid your kid getting lost.

Location History

Check your kids’ activity location history and see your kids’ daily activity location range.


Set a GeoFence; parents will get an alert when their kids leave the geo-fence range.

Block phone while walking

Prevent kids from playing with the phone while walking, and ensure your kids’ safety.

Visible, Audible

Remote Monitoring

View the environment around the child’s mobile device in real-time, and parents can also use screen mirroring to view the current screen of the child’s device.

Remote Recording

Listen to the sound around the child in real-time, and parents can record audio remotely. Through remote monitoring and recording, parents can better grasp the child’s environment and rescue the child if necessary.

visible audible

Why Do You Need FlashGet Kids?

Ensure the Safety of Children

Ensure the Safety of Children

The personal safety of children is the most important. FlashGet Kids provides parents with real-time location and activity location tracking, remote monitoring and audio features to view the environment and sound of the child’s surroundings in real time, helping parents identify the child’s environment and protect the child’s safety.

keep away from online dangers

Keep Away From Online Dangers

FlashGet Kids can help parents monitor content through whitelisting, blacklisting, and smart content monitoring. And it assists parents in creating a safe online environment to keep their children away from all kinds of online pornography, scams, bullying, and cyber crimes.

Build Health Digital Habits

Build Health Digital Habits

FlashGet Kids provides timelines for kids’ phone usage. And it also provides behavior management features to help parents understand and build healthy digital habits for their kids.

Easy Steps to Get FlashGet Kids



Install FlashGet Kids for parent on parents’ devices.



Register a FlashGet account and then sign in.



Bind children’s devices to parents’ devices and connect them.

What Parents Say


It’s fab.

I am very impressed by the hard work and dedication by the team. This app has done a great job especially in the protection of family members. As a mother at the workplace, I always show concerns about my kids acts. This app allows me to watch my kids acts when they are surfing the internet, which helps me to protect them.

– Chloe


Terrific App

As a mother, I always feel concerned about safety problem, especially when my kid hangs out with their friends. But now I feel relieved and less anxious by Flashget Kids because this app can ensure my kid’s safety. When my kid goes out, I will usually open the app to see where he is. This app has made it.

– Ashleyyy

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An All-around Caring Parental Control App

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